July 10, 2020

Dear Happy Valley School Families,
We miss you all and hope you are all healthy and safe. As promised, I wish to follow up with you regarding our opening of school. I sincerely appreciated your response to our survey and the comments I received regarding your thoughts for a safe opening.
Happy Valley School will begin our calendar year on August 5th with a virtual opening until August 17, or as directed by our Governor. During the first three days, August 5-7, our teachers will reach out to individual families and students as a meet and greet with specific goals to address, including helping the student/parent become comfortable with our virtual platform. We will continue to use the Team’s platform and families will receive specific instructions on how to access this tool. We believe it is important to establish the virtual platform since our situation is fluid, and it is critical for students to have access to our educational program. The first introductory meeting is expected to be about 15-20 minutes, and the teacher will arrange a convenient time to connect with each family. It is my intention to send out information next week to you regarding class placement.
During the week of August 10-14, the teachers will conduct two whole class sessions on Monday and Wednesday. The teacher will establish class expectations, provide an opportunity to meet and greet other members of the class, share upcoming academic expectations and provide academic instruction. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during this week, the teacher will assign students to small groups for more intensive instruction. Details will follow regarding specific times.
Our latest information from our governor has indicated we will return to on-campus instruction on August 17. Provided this date remains intact, we will welcome our students to campus while following all safety protocols and procedures established by Happy Valley School, the CDC and the AZ Health Department. These protocols include: regular deep cleaning of the campus, an increase of sanitizing and protective materials, a design to minimize the intermingling of classes to social distance to the best of our ability, daily temperature checks for staff and students, and masks (if mandated) for all staff and students over the age of 6 years old. In addition, parents are expected to partner with the School for the safety of our campus. Please refrain from sending a child possessing any symptoms of an illness to school, including fever, cough or exposure to a person with COVID-19. I will be sending out additional information regarding our policies and procedures for your review and commitment to partner with our School.
Should the governor extend the back to campus return date, our School will continue with our virtual learning; thus, we wanted to establish the virtual plan to reduce loss of academic time for our students. We believe our students deserve and appreciate a quality education; and therefore, we desire to return to on-campus learning as soon as possible. We are committed to ensuring our environment is as safe and clean as possible to minimize risks.
Finally, I wish to thank you very much for your patience, as I drafted our procedures and expectations to set the stage for a successful year. I realize I have been careful to refrain from sharing a plan too early since this situation is so fluid. I sincerely appreciate your trust in Happy Valley School.

Very Best Regards,
Mrs. Jeannine McDonald
Jeannine McDonald
Principal Happy Valley School